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    what brand of running shoe last the longest

    what brand of running shoes last the longest?

    I am an avid runner and recently I have started to do some research into running shoes that will enable me to run the longest before they need replacing.

    Although it is recommended that your trainers last six months there are some brands like Onitsuka Tiger (also known as Asics) which are built better so last longer.

    My personal favorite brand for running shoes is Nike because they are reasonably priced, comfortable and designed for both men and women.

    However if you are looking for a long-lasting brand of trainers I would recommend Asics (onitsuka tiger) which will last at least six months longer than other brands (given that your running style doesn’t change).

    This is because the Tiger brand is designed to be a high impact runner which means that the shoe will need replacing less often.

    I would recommend Nike as my first choice though they do come at a slightly higher price than some other brands, but I think this is worth it as they have been designed with the runner in mind.

    It is a well-known fact that Nike trainers come with a lot stiffer sole than other brands which is great as you need this to run efficiently.

    Also if you are looking for something on a budget I would recommend Asics as they have been designed for those who want more from their running shoes and last longer.

    So in summary, if you an avid runner wanting long lasting training shoes by all means go out and buy yourself some Onitsuka Tigers (Asics) because these will last six months longer than other brands – but be prepared to pay slightly more – or alternatively go for Nike – not only do they provide good design and comfort but they will also last the same length of time.

    list of best running shoes and their lifespan:

    1. Onitsuka Tiger (Asics) – 6 months and above

    2. Nike – average of 5 to 6 months

    3. Adidas – 4 months

    4. Rebook – 3-4 month

    5. Puma – 1-3 months

    How can you maintain your shoes to last for over 300 miles?

    To make your shoes last for up to 3 or even 300 miles you need to take proper care of them.

    One way is to stretch out the life of your running shoes by inserting “cups” inside them that are already worn down.

    This will help level out the soles making you feel like you’re walking on soft pillows. You can also paint your shoes with a coat, which makes it look shiny and new, but in reality its just hiding all the scuffs and scratches underneath the top layer of paint so when runners step, they won’t notice how much you wore down your shoe’s soles.

    running shoes that last long

    Another tip is to rotate between two pairs of running sneakers so both get equal time breaking in instead of having one pair always on your feet.

    It is especially important to have more than pair of shoes because you need to give each pair ample time in between wearing them so they can air out and the moisture won’t grow inside, which could make you get a foot fungus or other bacteria-related injuries.

    Also, if you run on wet pavement, dirt roads or trails it will wear down the bottoms quicker since they are not made for that kind of terrain.

    When you do go outside to run, remember to wear running socks along with your sneakers otherwise the sweat from your feet will get trapped inside making it hard for your shoe’s material to dry properly.

    This will cause bacteria to form which could lead to blisters and other related problems.

    Lastly, when you take off your shoes after a long run, take the laces out so they don’t get stretched. It’s also better to have shorter shoe laces so you won’t trip over them when you are trying to do other things.

    How often should i replace my running shoes?

    How often runners should replace their running shoes depends on factors such as weight, amount of time spent running per week and most importantly your running style.

    If you are an average runner that only runs 2-3 times a week then your sneakers will last approximately 300 miles however if you are doing marathons every weekend then it would be wise for runners to buy new trainers at least once every 3 months.

    This is because if you continue wearing shoes with worn down soles or ones with an unbalanced level it will cause you to experience some discomfort.

    Having high quality running shoes is important for both comfort and safety so if your running shoe isn’t giving you the support or cushioning that it should be, then it would be best to go out and buy a new one.

    How long do Nike’s last?

    Nikes usually last 4 months before wearing down although they can sometimes last up to 5 months depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them.

    If you are going for a run in wet conditions using macadam surfaces then the material from your sneakers will tend to wear down faster since this terrain isn’t designed for regular road runners.

    Another factor which effects how long Nike sneakers will last is if you are a heavy runner, since the heavier you are the faster your shoes will wear down.

    However light runners can end up having their Nike sneakers for a shorter period of time because they don’t put as much pressure on them as a bigger runner would.

    How long do Adidas’s last?

    Adidas typically lasts around 3-4 months before needing to be replaced.

    Like other running shoe brands Adidas shoes can vary in terms of how long they will last depending on the type of terrain you run on and how often you take care of them.

    For example if you run regularly through wet conditions or trails it will make your Adidas sneakers wear out much faster than that of say an average road runner who only runs on pavement and sidewalks.

    The frequency at which you run is also a factor in the life span of your shoe since it has to do with how much you put pressure on them and how often you replace the insoles inside.

    Happy Running!

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