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    best running shoe brands

    Running shoes are not all made the same, and running shoes brands aim to make their own designs for every type of runner.

    The best shoe brand for you will depend on your situation or needs. Some people prefer stability shoes while others prefer neutral running shoes .

    To determine the best shoe brand, consider what activities you do when running, where you plan to run, your running experience, how much time you spend running each week, if any potential injuries are present, your budget and personal preferences.

    When considering top-rated running shoe brands , it’s important to get the right fit. Most runners know that comfort is key when looking for a new pair of sneakers. If they aren’t comfortable when wearing them during a test run in the store, chances are you’ll be buying another pair in the near future.

    Picking out shoes when you have flat feet can prove to be difficult. Many companies will target people with high or low arches because it’s easy to recognize what kind of shoes they need.

    However, the reality is that many people have flat feet and are not aware of it. There are even various degrees of flat feet – some people just have a flatter foot than others.

    These individuals would do well to pick up a decent stability shoe that will provide them with necessary support during their runs .

    For runners who have recently developed pain in the heels, calf muscles or Achilles tendons, one has to consider getting neutral running shoes as these types of injuries arise from over-pronation.

    There are countless running shoe models and brands on the market today, but it’s important to realize that one should not purchase a new pair of shoes every time they feel pain in their legs, heels or shins.

    In fact, a good rule of thumb is a person should purchase a new running shoe only when the old one has been used for 300 miles .

    When looking for running shoes , consider what activities you do when running if any potential injuries are present, your budget and personal preferences.

    However, comfort is key when looking for a new pair of sneakers. If they aren’t comfortable when wearing them during a test run in the store, chances are you’ll be buying another pair in the near future.

    Best Running Shoe Brands

    the following are top running shoes brands in no particular order

    New Balance

    New Balance Running Shoes Review New Balance is one of the best running shoe brands as it’s been around for ages and does a great job with its products.

    The brand manufactures different types of shoes including those suited for outdoor, indoor, trail and gym use. To choose New Balance shoes , consider your foot type and activity level.

    When looking at reviews on this brand, you’ll find many people recommending these sneakers because they fit well and provide good arch support . One downside to keep in mind is that they tend to run a bit narrow so make sure you try them out before buying!


    Asics makes some comfortable running footwear that can be used for both casual and intense workouts. The brand has a wide selection of models, so you should have no problem finding a pair to meet your needs.

    Reviews on this particular brand are very positive as people love how supportive the shoes are . Before buying Asics running shoes , it’s important to consider if you need stability or neutral footwear as there are many types to choose from depending on what your training regimen looks like.


    Brooks makes some of the best running shoes available today for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, shin splints and knee pain. Brooks knows that runners come in all shapes and sizes, which is why they make a variety of styles including cushioning , motion control and neutral shoes.

    If you have a hard time finding the right running shoe for your specific type of foot, Brooks provides a great solution to this problem by allowing people to complete their own gait analysis .

    This will help determine which style of running shoe will be best suited for them.


    Adidas remains one of the leading brands in the industry when it comes to making reliable sports accessories. Whether you’re looking for athletic footwear or simple casual shoes , Adidas has what you need at prices that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

    There are many positive reviews on this particular brand as they make comfortable sneakers . However, keep in mind that some people complain about sizing issues with this brand so make sure you read reviews before buying!


    Inov-8 provides a wide selection of shoes for different types of activities which is why they’re one of the best running shoe brands available.

    Inov-8 has a special construction that lets people feel as if they’re almost barefoot, but with arch support and enough cushioning to protect the feet from rocks .

    Some models have a waterproof lining that can come in handy when going through puddles or dirty terrain!


    is another brand that’s known for making high-quality running shoes which is why they attract many people looking to buy new sneakers.

    People love this brand because of its wide selection of models, but mainly because they make comfortable footwear .

    As one of the best running shoe brands on the market today, it’s important to keep in mind that Saucony tends to run a bit narrow so take a look at reviews before buying!


    Newton makes some great running shoes with a special design intended to mimic barefoot running. The idea is simple: by going barefoot or in these minimalistic shoes , your feet will be strengthened and you’ll experience less stress when doing activities.

    One downside about Newtons is that they’re pretty expensive, starting at around $150 dollars. However, reviews are very good which suggests that these shoes are worth the money! Where to buy: Amazon


    If you’re looking for high-quality running shoes with maximal cushioning , you can’t go wrong with Hokas! People love them not only because of their aesthetics and design, but mainly because they provide serious comfort when going over rough terrain .

    Unlike other types of footwear, Hokas have a unique shape and sole intended to prevent injuries and keep people stable.

    Since this brand specializes in making sneakers designed to protect your feet, it’s important to consider purchasing one if you suffer from foot pain or frequent plantar fasciitis.


    has been one of the best running shoe brands for years now mainly because they have access to quality materials and athletes.

    Thus, Nike shoes are made to be extremely durable while still providing enough comfort.

    They also go through a series of strict tests before being released on the market . Unfortunately, this brand tends to be pretty expensive these days so keep that in mind before buying if you’re shopping on a budget!


    is one of the most innovative brands in the industry when it comes to sports accessories, and their shoes are no exception! People love Puma mainly because they offer a variety of running shoes with different designs and comfort levels.

    In fact, Puma has been voted as having some of the best rated sneakers on the market today . It’s also important to consider that this brand tends to run large so make sure you read reviews before buying!


    is a very cool brand that specializes in making shoes and accessories perfect for trail running .

    Since this is an activity that requires extra attention to stability, protection, grip , you need quality footwear! Merrell has built its reputation around manufacturing reliable shoes with superior traction.

    They also make sure their products are manufactured without causing harm to the environment which is something we like about them.

    Now you know the best brands you should be looking at when buying running shoes. check this article to know the best running shoes and how to pick a running shoe as a beginner.

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