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    What’s the best running shoe for women? It depends! Are you an over-pronator with low arches? A flat-footed pronator with bunions? Maybe you have wide feet and bad knees? What about if you’re over 50? Do you need more support than your 20-year-old self did? These factors and more play into choosing running shoes that fit your body type and activity level to ensure injury prevention and performance improvement. After researching hundreds of shoes, I have recommendations on the best running shoes for women in different categories.

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    Running Shoes for Women with Flat Feet

    Brooks Womens Ghost 13 Running Shoe

    Brooks Dyad 11

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    The Brooks Dyad 11 received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with numerous women who have flat feet saying they work well for them. The shoe comes in multiple colors and sizes, including narrow widths. They also come at a relatively affordable price point compared to other options available. One minor downside is that several reviewers say these run small, so you may want to order up a size if you’re between sizes or prefer extra room in your running shoes. According to reviewers, they also tend to run about one-half size more significant than their stated size; some buyers said they had better luck sizing down than sizing up.

    Running Shoes with High Arches

    ASICS Womens Gel Venture 7 Running Shoes

    ASICS Gel-Venture 7

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    If you have high arches, then you know that many of today’s shoes don’t cater to your needs. The ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7 running shoe offers plenty of support and extra cushioning, making it one of our favorite running shoes for women with high arches. With superior breathability and a lightweight feel, these women’s running shoes from ASICS are an excellent choice for women who want to focus on speed rather than support during their workouts.

    Shoes for Women With Wide Feet

    New Balance Womens Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Running Shoe

    New Balance 1080 v11

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    Women’s New Balance 1080v11 running shoes are perfect for running on trails because they’re ultra-lightweight, flexible, and highly durable. Since these sneakers are constructed with mesh panels, you can easily let your feet breathe as you run on hilly terrain, making them ideal for runners with wide feet. And not only do they come in various colors, but they also feature reflective details to help improve visibility during low-light conditions.

    Shoes for Women Over 50 in 2021

    Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 21

    Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

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    Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Women’s Running Shoe. These bad boys offer stability with every step you take while also providing plenty of comfort in every stride. Plus, they’re great for both roads running as well as cross-training. We recommend them to anyone who wants a shoe that will get used but won’t let them down.

    Shoes For Women with Plantar Fasciitis

    ASICS Womens GT 2000 8 Running Shoes

    Asics Women’s GT-2000 8

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    If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or shopping for running shoes to treat it, one of your best options is Asics Women’s GT-2000 8 Shoe. The shoe has a unique design that allows it to conform to your foot while still providing stability and cushioning. It also offers enough arch support for women with flat feet or who have high arches. Reviewers say they could return to their regular exercise routine within days of switching to these lightweight shoes.

    Shoes For Women with Bunions

    New Balance Women's 940 V4 Running Shoe

    New Balance 940 V4

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    New Balance Women’s 940 V4 Running Shoe is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a running shoe that will fit your bunions comfortably. One of my favorite features of these shoes is how wide they are, which helps to accommodate swollen feet and bunions. I also love how durable they are, so I can keep wearing them long after my bunion pain subsides.

    Shoes For Women with Knee Pains

    ASICS Womens Gel Kayano 27 AWL Running Shoes

    ASICS Gel-Kayano 27

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    ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27 – Choose a running shoe that works to help you avoid knee pains. The Kayano features a rearfoot GEL cushioning system that enables you to absorb shock and provides stability as you land. A rearfoot GEL Cushioning System gives your foot a smooth, supportive ride by absorbing shock at impact, while a Heel Clutching System secures your heel in place as you start your run.


    Have you been wondering what running shoes you need? Searching shoes for any type of running needs and finding it hard to make a decision, here are some questions answered.

    There are so many running shoes available on today’s market, and it can be hard to know which shoe will fit your specific needs. So, how do you choose? The first thing to consider is your foot type: Do you have flat feet? Do you have high arches? Are your feet wide or narrow? If any of these characteristics apply to you, there’s a running shoe that will fit you perfectly.

    Before heading to your local running store, try to figure out what type of runner you are (the Road Runner’s guide here is an excellent place to start). Once you know that, determine what features are most important for those shoes. For example, if you have plantar fasciitis or bunions, choosing a flat shoe with a wider toe box will benefit you. Want to speed up? Look for lightweight designs and shoes with more significant heel-to-toe drops. Jogging strollers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so sneakers that work well with those will also prove helpful. Last but not least: know that it’s okay—and beneficial—to mix and match brands and styles as necessary, depending on how they feel on your feet.

    One of today’s most common questions is whether or not women should wear men’s running shoes. Men’s and women’s running shoes are typically designed to fit different body types, so it makes sense that you might want to buy men’s running shoes if your feet tend to be larger than average. While there are many differences between men’s and women’s shoes, finding an excellent pair for women isn’t hard! First, determine your type of foot. If you have high arches, wide feet, or flat feet, you might find it challenging to find comfortable support in your favorite athletic shoe. The good news is that many manufacturers produce unisex footwear specifically made for those who struggle with extra space inside their sneakers.

    It’s tough to pick just one pair of running shoes because everyone has different feet. While some running sneakers are ideal for beginners, others are better for experienced runners. Some have good arch support, while others are best used by people with wide feet or high arches. Plus, price points can vary significantly depending on shoe quality and how much comfort you want in your sneakers. For these reasons, it’s best to conduct extensive research before choosing a pair of running shoes in 2021.

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