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    SAVE UP TO $104: Multiple Eufy smart locks — including the C220, C210, and S330 — are on sale for all-time low prices during the Prime Big Deal Days event, which takes place Oct. 10 and 11 at Amazon.

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    Eufy security smart lock C220

    Eufy smart lock with cell phone

    If you’re still dealing with the hassle of a traditional lock and key, rummaging through your purse or pockets on the daily, and racking your brain trying to remember if you locked up your home, it’s time you considered a smart lock. Convenient, secure, and built for busy lives, smart locks can definitely upgrade your daily routine. Not to mention, they can finally help you ditch that bulky, outdated keyring.

    Thanks to Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days event, which takes place Oct. 10 and 11, Eufy smart locks are on sale for a steal — all the more reason to upgrade. Here are our top picks.

    The most advanced on the list, the S330 includes five different ways to unlock, offers remote control access from anywhere via the eufy Security app, and even gives you a visible way to check who’s at your front door with the built-in doorbell camera. Besides the camera, what really makes this smart lock stand out is the rechargeable battery with a generous 10,000 mAh capacity. Unlike others on this list, you don’t have to worry about constantly swapping out the batteries for new ones. Slash the usual $349.99 price tag by $104 for Prime Day and pay just $244.99 for this advanced smart lock.

    The C220 smart lock includes half a dozen ways to unlock your home, including a self-learning AI fingerprint door lock recognition that gets more and more precise with every touch. It can also be controlled remotely via the eufy Security app thanks to built-in WiFi. You’ll have to replace the AA batteries every so often, which can get annoying, but they should last about eight months or so. Usually $149.99, you can save $50 for Prime Day and snag the C220 smart lock for $99.99 — that’s about $15 cheaper than its previous all-time low.

    For a more basic smart lock option, the C210 offers a touchscreen keypad, app, voice, and Apple Watch control, and a physical key in case it’s ever needed. It’s easy to install and compatible with most standard U.S. deadbolts. There are no big fancy features like a fingerprint reader or video camera, but it still gets the job done. Plus, it’s on sale for only $79.99 instead of $99.99 — the lowest price we’ve seen.


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