Sat. Feb 24th, 2024


    SAVE $75.80: The XREAL Air AR glasses are 20% off as a lightning deal during Prime Big Deal Days, dropping the price to $303.20.

    Mashable contributor, RJ Andersen reviewed the XREAL (Nreal) Air AR glasses and noted that the augmented reality specs’ technology shows a ton of promise. The glasses feature a 201-inch screen inside their lenses that allow you to watch movies, stream, work, and game anywhere you want without having to use a bulky headset, traditional gaming computer, or tons of added cables and wiring. 

    They’re only slightly heavier than a normal pair of sunglasses, but each lens houses a separate 1920 x 1080 display. The glasses are pretty straightforward and work excellently as an external display or for streaming content, but our reviewer expressed that the augmented reality and 3D features need some heavy work still.

    If you just want a second screen while you work or want to game or stream movies and TV shows, the XREAL Air glasses are really neat and worth trying out. Grab them while they’re on sale for a limited time during Prime Big Deal Days.

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